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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Subject: Re: Re: Dennis and S Oftimes have I wondered, O Scott of Thorneberry, how Thou doest file Thy quotations, so that Thou, in the twinkling of an eye, canst amuse and instruct our merrie band with a citation most apt. Apart from which, cobber, (Australian, I know. My New Zealanderish is non-existent)no translation isn't intended to be the names of things plus rudimentary structure a la Friday. You could all be forgiven for forgetting that for homework, as a complementary approach, S, my man Monday, will also be working his way, with guidance, through the classic 60's language laboratory/cassette course, English 900, where the 900 stands for the basic 900 structures of the English language. ( English 900 is the original American version, English 901, which S will be using, is the English version produced by the late Peter Strevens. No - English English hasn't got an extra structure, c.f. 900 original version, 901 first update, alteration.) Dennis


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