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Sunday, April 24, 2005

English from Zero Message: 8421 From: Received: Fr Apr 22, 2005 10:13 Subject: Re: S Rob, The taperecorder is already on the table, even though it is only Friday and we don't start until Monday. But my intuitive feeling ( c.f. TTEdSIG list) is that we shan't use it too much just yet. I've an idea it might interest the teacher more than the pupil. But we'll see. As for the switching from German to English, that's just what I don't want. What's wrong with it? It flicks switches which imply 'Translation is OK.' The German we use will be emergency use. When Sergei says: "Was?????", I can't help feeling that that is precisely where the easy route out - a German translation - should not be taken.It is a question of atmosphere.I don't like mixing languages. The aura of the language being learned is spoilt and the dramatic tension, the reaching after meaning, is short-circuited. But I've fallen into teacher talk. Though I have my convictions, I hope I'll still be able to follow S's learning. Dennis


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