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Sunday, April 24, 2005

English from Zero Message: 8416 From: lamarea lamarea Received: Fr Apr 22, 2005 3:44 Subject: Re: Re: English from zero hello to all, i´ve been lurking about for a while since i am super busy, but am finally writing,,, dogme is not for everyone, and it takes a certain amount of experience and know-how as well as charisma to successfully pull off a lesson using dogme principles,,, one thing is certain though,,,what is successfully learnt in dogme teaching is usually retained on a more permanent basis, seems to me,,, i also like to refer to dogme as tangent teaching,,,as robert haines referred to in a lesson which originated with the casual discussion of the word ´barrio´, then, jumping to yet, another, and another idea,,,topics suggested by the students themselves have so much more of a chance of providing long term learning than text book learning, as much as publishers would like to believe the contrary,,, which brings me to my reply to dennis about s´s class,,, i have my students create their own book in a notebook ,,,all ideas for class material come from them, and i am their dictionary, as is internet, etc, etc,,, listening materials? ... all student created,,,they tape their own tapes, and some even listen to them in their car radio on their way to work in the morning,,,no bad accidents as a result yet!,,,seriously, the more input from them, the more creative processing being done, the better,,, grammar? same thing,,, i have them invent their own reasons why this or that is done this or that way in english as opposed to their own language,,, i cease to be their teacher and i am their friend, their equal, we teach each other,,, just my two cents melinda soltysiak


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