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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dr. Evil

Message: 8434 From: Adrian Tennant Received: Sa Apr 23, 2005 7:30
Subject: Re: Re: Teaching the way we learn
Hey Fiona, Not only do I agree but it was the same for me. I left school first time around with only four exam passes and a complete loating of education and teachers. Three things inspired me to become a teacher - 1) my mother said, "Don't become a teacher." 2) I decided I could do a better job than the rubbish I'd had, 3) I saw Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society and thought - hey, I'd like to jump on tables!!!! One of the reasons for asking the question was that I think Dan is taking a far too simplistic view of teaching and learning. I do agree that we can learn from our own experiences (often more from the negative ones than the positive), but I also think that you have to analyse things and try to understand more about what's really going on - it's not simply a matter of transfer. One personal example is that I always thought I was an oral/aural learner. Then I started learning BSL (British sign language). Quite clearly no room for my prefered learning style. But, guess what? I was the best student there & I made amazing progress. So where the hell did/does that leave me? Thinking that I need to spend more time reflecting and observing ALL learners and not just naval gazing! Dr Evil --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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